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Studio 36 West - Product Photography

Studio 36 West - Product Photography

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Project starts: $100
Hourly Rate: $50
Macomb, IL - United States
About Expert
Studio 36 West specializes in product photography and video that puts a bright spotlight on your merchandise. We offer expert high resolution photography, retouching and 360 videos of a wide range of products including jewelry, shoes, beverages and cosmetics. 

We have over 7 years of experience working on the 3dcart platform and we know it's powerful capabilities. We are able to provide photography that will not only look great on a 3dcart site, but also on additional retail channels like Amazon,,,, and others if you wish to implement your 3DCart store feed. Most of all, we focus on providing photography that sells for our clients. 

Contact us for a quote and enjoy professional service, fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

  • High resolution photography sells. 
  • 360 degree videos increase engagement. 
  • Customers will appreciate consistent presentation. 
  • Reduce returns with accurate product photography. 
  • Larger e-tailers prefer to feature professional photographs