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Flying Orange

Flying Orange

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Project starts: $500
Hourly Rate: $75
Minneapolis, Minnesota - US - 612-978-9879
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Flying Orange offers custom logo, graphic and website design for 3dCart customers. As a Certified Expert, Flying Orange can design, market and develop a customized 3dcart storefront catered to your specific industry. 

We have created a variety of custom 3dcart templates for businesses including cosmetics, apparel, housewares, sports, cell phones and other industries. No matter what retail segment your online store will be marketing towards, we can provide a customized design that will outshine your competition.

Jennifer was priced much lower than competitors so at first I was skeptical. But that changed quickly..she was very responsive and had excellent advice about my web design. Even after going live, she has offered help whenever requested. I highly recommend Jennifer an FlyingOrange Web Design.
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from Bradenton, Fl on 10/25/2018
Love the clean and welcoming look of my website. I am couldnt be more happy! I have been through several hosts and web designers. Flying Orange has done more than one web design for us and I have always been happy with the end result. :)
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from White Plains MD on 3/8/2016
Jennifer at Flying Orange is great to work with. She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about building websites, especially ecommerce sites. She does a great job at an affordable rate. I highly recommend her!
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from Unident/Unimed on 3/8/2016
I have worked with Jennifer now for over 2 years. She never fails to impress us. Since turning over complete control of our web design, we have seen increase in our sales and page rankings. More importantly, our clients are more than happy with the results. I highly recommend adding Flying Orange to your team !
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from Chico, Ca. on 3/4/2016